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Control your madness.

The WhammyD 2 - is the realisation of the most daring ideas about MIDI - controller for the Digitech Whammy. The WhammyD has so many functions that we even made an operating system for it. Despite the complexity of the device, this pedal is so smart that it is even simpler to use than the previous version.

Displaying information. Graphic display in a proper format.

New informative graphic screen is designed for displaying information in two different modes. The "short" mode is clear and easy to read. It doesn’t contain any extra characters, while the "full" mode is more suitable for programming the pedal or clarifying its nuances and conditions.
You can easily switch between these modes or you can just rely on the WhammyD 2. It can switch to the required mode automatically when you need it. This type of screen is the first built-in display for such a device.

You no longer have to choose.

If you use a Whammy - 4, 5, or DT, or even all of them at once, the WhammyD 2 will work with them without any loss in efficiency. All you need is to switch the WhammyD 2 to the desired Whammy model. Oh, and this all will take you less time than to read this sentence.

Any power supply.

Forget about polarity and types of power supplies - this isn’t your concern. Just use the WhammyD with any 9 or 12 volt power supply and play.

Works on batteries.

The WhammyD 2, unlike the first version of the controller, can work on standard 9V batteries. Now with the remaining battery life being displayed, you can easily find out whether it's time to change batteries or not. If it is filled with less than a third, and you’re going to have a two-hour set at Wembley - it’s better to run to the store for a new battery.

You won't find a power button in the WhammyD 2, but you still won't waste your battery power. You can turn on the pedal by pressing the A or B button. If you use battery and want to turn the pedal off, press and hold the A or B button and then confirm shutdown.

Flexibility. Abyss of opportunities for creativity.

Operating system.

At the very beginning of the development of the WhammyD 2, it became clear that the new controller has to be much smarter than its predecessor to prevent musicians from hundreds of knobs and parameters. The pedal has to calculate the duration of notes, but still receive, process or send MIDI-messages, display data on the screen, respond immediately to all the controls and save or load data from memory presets.
To make this possible, we created a very special and very small, but extremely fast operating system, which became the core for the whole working process of the pedal. Our main idea laid upon the fact that musicians should never think about the diligently working operating system inside the pedal. It is completely transparent to the user as if everything happens by itself. But it allows our 32 MHz (8 times faster than the WhammyD 1) cost-efficient microprocessor to deal with all the tasks.

Simplicity.  It’s not ROCKet science! 

With all the wealth of features and ideas in the WhammyD 2, you can just ignore everything that you do not need, and use only the necessary functions. Literally everything, starting from the operating system and up to EPeOS handle select presets. Everything is created to concentrate on music and the musician's creativity. The WhammyD 2 is designed for the musician, so that you don’t feel like a musician designed for using the WhammyD 2.

Presets for all occasions.

We offer you 56 presets and 54 of them can be changed any way you want. You can create your own convenient foot switch operations to move to any number of semitones supported by your Whammy. You can also create dozens of up to 128 notes arpeggios. Each arpeggio can be one of the 11 possible durations.
If this is not enough, try our new feature: 3 different sweeps or special notes markers to control the arpeggio. There are many more possibilities for creating new sounds in comparison to the first WhammyD, and the programming has become more convenient.

Updated Tap Tempo.

We worked hard to upgrade the Tap Tempo function. Now it calculates the tempo in a much more accurate way, and also displays the calculated tempo on the screen as a BPM value. During the term of Tap Tempo (time between the first and the second pressing of the Tap Tempo button) is filled with a special indicator, and you will always know if it is first pressing, or the second one.

Clean. Now your Whammy 4 won't spoil anything.

Now your Whammy 4 gets real thru bypass. No turbidity signal when the pedal is off. Simply connect the WhammyD 2 to instructions and activate the THRU Mode. Admit it, you've always wanted to.

Digital interface. Full MIDI In and MIDI Out / Thru with special functions.

Nothing could be easier.

We created an intelligent MIDI interface with specially designed instructions. It allows one-touch sync between your WhammyD 2 and Smirnov Electronics Stompbox installed on your Mac. To do this, you don’t need to assign MIDI-channel or do some other options, imagine that they simply don’t exist - it all works without your help. If you still need to assign a specific WhammyD 2 to a MIDI-channel - no problem.

If you are already familiar with MIDI.

Synchronise tempo arpeggios with your program for recording MIDI Clock. Change presets the WhammyD 2 is using with a standard Preset Change mode, use “Continuous Control” in your Whammy as if there is no Whammy D between the MIDI signal source and the Whammy.

Use MIDI Out on the WhammyD 2 as MIDI Thru to create a chain of devices - everything on the MIDI input will reach its destination.

There is an unlimited number of presets when synchronising with the Stompbox. You can quickly and easily come up with new sounds.

More sounds!

Create presets on your Mac, save them, and upload them to your the WhammyD 2.

Connect your Mac and the WhammyD 2 MIDI interface and you will be able to create unimaginable arpeggios, edit existing ones, load them into the pedal or save them on your Mac. Just set the Smirnov Electronics Stompbox and benefit from the convenience and vast memory content creation on a Mac, coupled with the ability of the WhammyD 2.

Even more sounds! Be inspired.

Check out a bunch of ready-made sounds for your WhammyD 2 via the constantly replenished on-line store of Pandora. Be inspired, download and save them to your Mac or your WhammyD 2. Take the endless possibilities to create new sounds into your hands.


1. Dimensions :: 140mm x  95mm x 55mm 
2. Weight :: 0,4 kg
3. Presets :: 56 for each of supported Digitech Whammy (V / IV and DT).
4. Controls :: A,B - buttons, multifunctional encoder knob, toggle switch for display mode, toggle-switch for reverse.
5. A power supply :: 6F22 battary or AC/DC or AC/AC power supply from 9 to 12 V (50mA).
6. Supported Whammy models :: Digitech Whammy IV, Digitech Whammy V, Digitech Whammy DT.
7. Terms of use :: from 0 to +30 grad Celsius.
8. Package :: WhammyD 2 controller, 1-foot MIDI-cable.

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