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Dust off your Whammy and start using it!

The WhammyD - is a MIDI-controller for the Digitech Whammy, which is a miracle worker! Forget about selecting the correct power supply - just plug the pedal into any 9V power adapter, and you’ll have 30 presets for any occasion for your Whammy 4, including a 16-note arpeggio which supports a Tap Tempo function. It’ll take you to another universe.

The main advantages (Why WhammyD?).

Compatibility. Choose the WhammyD for your Digitech Whammy.

Options for the Whammy 4 and Whammy 5 (Which WhammyD do I need?).

The WhammyD 1 or simply WhammyD is designed for the Digitech Whammy 4, while the WhammyD 1.5 is created for the Digitech Whammy 5. They don’t only match the Whammy perfectly, but after using them you won’t know how to live without it.

Use any power supply.

Forget about polarity and types of power supplies - this isn’t your concern. Just use the WhammyD with any 9 or 12 volt power supply to plug in and play.

Flexibility. Everything you need.

30 presets for any occasion.

There is a foot switch, fixed shifts collection that can change tone to a fixed value and arpeggios which contain short and long factory patterns. The latter is flexible to changes.


You can change any of the 7 factory arpeggios the way you want. Each arpeggio can consist of up to 16 notes, each note can be transposed in eight tones. You don’t need anything, but your Whammy and WhammyD to do it.

Simplicity. It’s not ROCKet science!


Buttons A and B switch Whammy presets in the foot switch mode. When the fixed shifts mode is on «A», it turns on the effect, while «B» changes the value of the shift. In arpeggio mode button «A» turns the effect on and «B» works as a Tap Tempo. And that’s all you need to know about the buttons!

"Endless" preset selection knob.

Simply select the desired preset with the knob and play. By holding the «B» button and rotating the knob, you can manually adjust the tempo.


1. Dimensions :: 140mm x  105mm x 55mm 
2. Weight :: 0,35 kg
3. Presets :: 30 presets and 7 of them can be reprogrammable.
4. Controls :: A,B - buttons, multifunctional encoder knob, toggle switch program mode.
5. A power supply :: AC/DC or AC/AC power supply from 9 to 12 V (50mA).
6. Supported Whammy models :: Digitech Whammy IV (WhammyD 1) or Digitech Whammy V (WhammyD 1.5).
7. Terms of use :: from 0 to +30 grad Celsius.
8. Package :: WhammyD controller.