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Be inspired with the Pandora.

The Pandora is online collection of presets and profiles for WhammyD 2. WhammyD 2 profile - is a set of all 56 presets for Digitech Whammy,  that can be set into your pedal using the program called Stompbox. The collection is constantly updated. You can find factory presets there, or other presets that may suit you more. Each of the preset is accompanied with graphic symbols , as well as audio file , so you can check whether it suits you or not. And you don't need to turn on WhammyD controller.

Take only the best.

Listen to the presets, select the best, download them, change them the way you want, download  them to your WhammyD 2 using the Stompbox software. With Pandora you can enrich your music with the bunch of ideas, and there is only you to decide how your WhammyD 2 is going to sound.

Be improved.

Get better and we will get better with you. A collection of presets is constantly growing, and you can share your sounds with the help of Pandora. Send presets on and each user WhammyD 2 can try our handcrafted presets.

Start right now.

To download the presets from the Pandora collection and start using them, you just need to follow 3 instructions given below:

1. Open Stompbox and select folder where you will store all your presets for WhammyD 2.

2. Find the right preset on Pandora and download it to the folder of the preceding paragraph.

3. Switch back to Stompbox, and, if necessary, click the " Refresh” button.

Go to the presets collection.